Massive Technology Show, Networking, Domain Names, etc.

April 2, 2008 at 10:01 am 1 comment

Yesterday, I attended the Massive Technology Conference and Tradeshow at the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre. Kudos go to Lindsay Smith and her team for putting on another good event.

My experience this time around was quite different. At last year’s event, I attended the show as an exhibitor as the Director of Marketing for Marqui (and yes we did get good leads from the event), while this time around I was getting back into the networking groove, schmoozing with former contacts from years gone by. It felt really good to be back in a rhythm again.

In fact, it took me about one hour to get through the very first aisle at the show. Immediately upon entering, there was Marqui. Bam! An in your face location with arguably the second best spot on their entire floor plan (behind Yahoo! which I am sure paid big bucks for their spot). I can boast that this space was secured while I was still there. How did Marqui do with this spot? Well… without trying to shovel dirt on former colleagues, talk about an underwhelming experience: two small pull-ups, a small flat panel display, and a desktop robot were all that adorned this double-wide booth location. Not a good showing for a company with a good product that is selling themselves to marketers on the power of marketing software. While I will cut them a little bit of slack as they just rolled out some new positioning, it had some of their competitors at the show laughing and wondering “what’s up with Marqui?”

Among the many other familiar faces, I ran into Guy Steeves (a former colleague at Maximizer and a client at ThoughtShare), who is now at a company just launched as “PerfectMind” (created by the folks over at ChampionsWay). It is a Platform as a Service company (sounds like AppExchange, JotSpot, etc.). I’ve been invited to an executive briefing, in a couple of week’s time, so it would be interesting to see how it evolves.

One of the things that Guy mentioned was the fact that he was thinking of me recently when they went to purchase the domain. While I won’t disclose the fee they paid, it sounded excessive to me, even for someone who spent the past year working in the domain monetization industry and frequently seeing six and seven figures changing hands for a domain. A quick check of a Afternic, Sedo, and some domain spinning technologies found ($195), ($497), ($200) may have been better options. Or perhaps something like or (both unregistered at the time of writing). I would not expect would generate that much direct navigation traffic, and even if it does, it can’t be targeted to their offering (not as much as say a “” would have).

I was also introduced to 1st on the List Promotion Inc. by a former coworker at Reinvent who, in his own right, is one of the top SEO guys I know. He used to work for this group. Simply put, their domain name is not good:  A numeric intermixed with text (I think a competitor has and a country code when the .com is king. Yuck! To make it worse, their logo makes it look like the company is “1onthelist” without the ‘st’… Interestingly, both and are available. I know… I made this typo.

Which calls up the importance of securing domain names for your business. Since  I’ve left Reinvent, I have registered approximately 20 domain names. You see, every time I have a business idea, I register a domain. I’ll share some of these in future posts. 

BTW… I think I am going to add domain brokerage into the services I provide. As soon as I finish my business plan come up with a concept for a business that is approved by the Canadian government.

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