New Ventures BC Competition – And then there were 30

June 4, 2008 at 11:42 pm 3 comments

In my post from yesterday, when I mentioned that the announcement for the New Ventures BC Competition was “coming soon”, I didn’t believe that this meant within 12 hours of the post being published they would publish the complete list of 30 BC startups that made it to the next round for the New Ventures BC Competition.

In any case, here is the complete list with the links from my “Who’s who” series:

First Name Last Name Name of business or idea
Alan Cornford TeraTek Inc.
Amber Hayes Adventure Engine: Powering Adventure Travel online: with excellent profit projections
Andrew Fursman CloudTel [ aka NothingNetworks ??… interesting looking technology, but all the Flash on the website makes search engines ignore you.]
Ben Sparrow Solar Desalination [There was a Ben Sparrow who used to work for BC Hydro… I wonder if it is the same guy…]
Bruce Sharpe Singular Software
Camilo Rostoker Scalable Analytics [UBC spinoff. This one looks interesting. “Follow the money” is always a good business model.]
Cynthia Roney PneuVation Medical Inc
David Gratton Project Opus Technologies
David Vogt Crowdtrust Technologies
Dawn Bowles DreamBank [I like this idea, and have met Dawn over the past couple of weeks. I will probably have a separate post about them later]
DeJon Costello “Rain Renewer” Storm Water Pollution Remover [ is not and has not been registered. Grab it now DeJon!]
Derek Dunfield PLASMID AUTOMATED ROBOTICS [Once again, I can’t confirm that it is the same guy, but there was a PHD student at UBC a couple of years ago who wrote “Crystallographic Analysis of Complex Multiphase Powder Systems: A Synthesis of Theory and Experiment”. Sounds deep.]
Florence Leung PeerFX [Hey… These guys were on Dragon’s Den and raised $200k. I wonder if it is a change in direction from their old plan found here]
Geoff Wensel GR Building Materials Limited [Geoff was listed as the COO of Pitt Meadows’ RoofRoc. I’m not sure if it is a related venture or one in the same.]
Gordon Thiessen Heavy Tool Support Arm [As featured in the Vancouver Sun earlier in the month]
James Sherrett AdHack Media Inc. (AdHack)… Their exec summary was delivered to the VEF here
Jamie Stephen TorchLight Bioresources
Jeff MacMillan Charge It! Payment Solutions Inc. [I think this is the site. It looks like it is related to Richmond’s Aubretia Software, currently being rebranded as Boscana.
Matt Ferguson Progressive Health Innovations Inc.
Max Fanderl
Philip Caines Rezgo – Internet Tour Booking
Saxon Shuttleworth ClicVue
Sean Hodgins QCDocs Systems Inc.
Shawn Pedersen Echoflex Solutions Inc.
Steven Jones Small Energy Group
Timothy Webster Genist Systems Inc.
Todd Winship Primisyn
Tom Koftinoff Portable Logging Trailer Attachment and Clean Energy Engine
Trong Hoang Innisoft – Intellegent Investment Software
Vladimir Savchenko SoundOfMotion
Lani O’Flynn Pure Lignin Environmental Technology Ltd.

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New Ventures BC Competition – Who’s Who (Part 4) Using kiosks in your marketing mix – and a Vertisi response

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  • 1. sherrett  |  June 5, 2008 at 8:19 am

    Hi John,

    I’m not sure the link to the AdHack executive summary from the VEF presentation is working. It doesn’t seem to be for me. If you’re interested in an executive summary for AdHack though, just get in touch with me and I’ll be glad to share.


  • 2. Stephen Joyce  |  June 5, 2008 at 9:37 am

    Hi John,

    Excellent posts. I noticed you mentioned that you have done some interviews or met with some of the companies featured on your post. If you would like to find out more about Rezgo, I’d love to sit down and tell you more about it. We’re just across the pond in North Vancouver.


  • 3. lyotier  |  June 5, 2008 at 2:12 pm

    James… something slipped in my copy and paste. The link is fixed. I would like to get together to learn more about what you guys are doing, however. Look for my email.

    Stephen… likewise, look for my email. Let’s get together over the next week or two.



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