TRAFFIC New York 2008 – Domain Auction Results

September 26, 2008 at 12:58 pm 1 comment

This past week the TRAFFIC Domain Conference in New York held several auctions. And while I wasn’t in attendance, I do think that some of those who were, grabbed themselves some good domains at very reasonable prices. A few that jumped out to me were: ($11.5k) – Big business and big sales here with a clear consumer intent in an activity that is happening more and more online ($13k) – It is not as good a deal as, but it is a very big industry with a lot of search traffic. Good opportunity for consumer site, product referrals, community building, simple service brokering the import/export B2B of products. Focus on recommendation engine for wine matching, etc. ($15k) – Niche category-owning domain. Clear intent of what the browser is looking for. Can be an ecommerce play using outsourced fulfillment. Whoops… this one didn’t sell. The reserve was north of $75k ($2.25k) – Yellow Pages category name. Large local play component ($6k) — A different extension, but could be a very brandable classifieds-type site facilitating apartment, equipment, etc rentals. It wouldn’t take many Hawaiian condo rentals to pay for this investment. ($12.5k) – Yes it is a .org, but this should still be able to develop a loyal audience with content, heath issues. It kind of defines the audience. I can see a marketing campaign in Cosmo targeted at women who don’t understand Men. A steal at that price. ($200) – I’m including this one as this already exists as a category for cable TV, and I know that you could put a pre-existing social media YouTube type package up on it quickly… and I have a client who is considering building out a TV program focused on this niche. ($3.5k) – One should be able to make your money back on this focused on local search and OpenTable affiliate programs. ($2.75k) – wow… A low price on this one. Beef import/export is big, big business.

A note to any of the successful bidders… if you want assistance in building out any of these projects, let me know.

Edit: DomainNameNews has a good run-down of the complete list that sold here

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  • 1. Tshiananga  |  September 27, 2008 at 12:48 pm

    Interesting topics u have here, have you bin doing this online marketing for long?
    You can always give me a quick hollar if you are in need of traffic.


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