Vancity Savings – an example of great customer service

March 20, 2009 at 11:11 pm 3 comments

I had a great customer service experience at Vancity Savings, the credit union I deal with. And as they say, when you have bad customer service you tell 10 people, and when you have a good experience, you tell 1. Well I think that is wrong, so I am telling the world.

I was doing a wire transfer out today from an account that, in its classification as a “high interest savings account”, required that a $5 fee be imposed should I withdraw funds while interacting with a teller. It sounds like one of those rules that a bureaucrat makes up, though I assume it had some thought put into it.

Anyhow, after I said “that’s fine” and was more than willing to pay the fee, the teller offered this up, “How about I log out of my terminal, log onto our website, and then you could transfer funds from this account, into another one of your accounts. From here, we will do the wire transfer out of your other account, saving you the $5 fee?”

Pardon? What happened to the concept that all banks are evil, money-hungry, and only interested in their bottom line?

Well maybe they are still interested in the latter point, but the empowerment of the frontline staff to suggest things like this would generate way more revenue for them than a measley $5 fee. After all, not only do I do a lot of business them, but with good service, I will tell someone else. And that is exactly what I am doing.

Kudos to Vancity and the staff in Maple Ridge. And thank you.

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  • 1. S. Natchev  |  August 9, 2009 at 8:16 pm

    Well ,this story is so cheesy over 5 buks
    I would say: wow such a grate bank a…
    wait untill it comes to real money, than we are finding it the hard way
    Take down the pink glasses and face the real world
    I have a “realy great story” that Van City ruined my doughter’s weddind ,misleading me to the last minute with a loan I had aplied for
    So,very nice congrats on your 5 buks deal
    Ex Van City customer

  • 2. J Lyotier  |  August 9, 2009 at 11:33 pm

    Natchev… I guess I will chalk you up as one of those people who are telling 10 people when you have a negative experience.

  • 3. DAvid  |  May 17, 2010 at 8:44 pm

    We have had business dealings (deposits, loans, and insurance) with Vancity for 10 years. Things have dramatically changed, not for the better.

    Vancity previously (pre-the current CEO regime), say 2006 & earlier, was a real decent, care-about-the-customer type of organization from the bottom to the top. When the CEO change happened in 2007 it has been a fast downhill slide for customer service and a wipe out of client-focused management. By all facets, other than legal structure, this organization is a Bank with a capital ‘B’.

    We have had numerous issues, some battles, with them. Where should I start? Unqualified customer service staff (particularly call centre staff), staff with lack of knowledge about products (including people in the position of mortgage lending — eg. no conception of a ‘blend and extend’ scenario), no competitive response to mortgage financing, ill trained (educated?) insurance staff, online systems that fail, management that does not respond to correspondence, and more. We have peeled away some of our business to ING. When the mortgage term ends, we’ll be looking at alternative options. It clearly appears that the management has objectives that are counter to my interests. It is just baffling that the Board of directors takes no action to remove the CEO. And no director candidates make any public statement that they would move to make a management change. Yikes.


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