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Internet Marketing for Chiropractors & Dentists at

Did you know that within the last month alone, Google recorded more than 2 million searches for the keywords “Chiropractor” or “Chiropractic” and more than 4 million searches for “Dentist” or “Dentistry”?

In response, my incubation firm LaunchExperts launched a new business unit called “Marketing Clinics”. Marketing Clinics provides fully-managed, paid search marketing to chiropractors and dentists. We invite you to check us out over at

The service was launched in response to questions from many chiropractors and dentists about the complexity of managing their own paid search marketing campaigns on Google, Yahoo! and MSN. I thought it would be good to productize the best practices that we have learned into a fully-managed search engine advertising solution, complete with auto campaign optimization, local and highly-converting keyword sets, and tested and proven landing pages.

We are so confident that we can drive leads, we have even included a 110% guarantee.

If you know of any chiropractors or dentists that need to drive new patient leads for their chiropractic clinic or dentistry clinic, I would appreciate an introduction.

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Paid Search Advertising Course in Maple Ridge?

I am considering conducting some sort of paid search advertising clinic for small businesses here in Maple Ridge. My motivation for this is two fold:

First, I bought a few good domain names the other day that are highly relevant in, and And while I am focusing the Marketing Clinics website on a new venture focused on paid search marketing for chiropractors and dentists, it would be a shame to just sit on the domain.

Secondly, I truly enjoy sharing knowledge about search marketing, paid search advertising, and some of the techniques that I am using. Am I a teacher? Well, I haven’t taught anything ‘officially’ since about 1995 when I was teaching some adult literacy courses. But I do sit and coach/mentor people one-on-one about these opportunities on a weekly basis.

What I am pondering aloud (and in the oh-so public forum that is this medium), is if there any interest in a hands-on course geared towards the small businesses owner/manager that would run for about 4 evenings over the course of a 4-week period? Is there a market for this? I figure that the course would entail some hands on campaign development so at the end of the session, you would have your advertising campaigns built out for your business? I would think I should be able to talk Google, Yahoo!, and Microsoft out of some vouchers to sweeten the pot. Hmmm….

Let me know your thoughts and if there is any interest.


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The Golden Ears Gateway, Maple Ridge BC

I attended the Ridge Meadows Chamber of Commerce’s mini-tradeshow and networking event tonight. It was mostly a chance to get ou of the house after being headsdown busy for the past couple of days, but I have been trying to make a point on keeping connected within the business community (though normally I attend events that are in downtown… not out here in Maple Ridge).

Anyhow, one of the things that attracted me to the event tonight was to hear a speech by the President, Dean Barbour, on the Chamber’s current direction and mandate. While I won’t regurgitate, I did like what I heard. One of the key things that resonated with me was Dean’s vision and discussion of “The Golden Ears Gateway”. Basically, anything that is within site of the Golden Ears Mountains, should be within the marketing catchment of the Chamber and local businesses. And a big part of the growth will be in using the new website to promote the region and its businesses.

And then Dean announced, “The Chamber website will be re-branded under

I don’t know if Dean or anyone else in the room saw me convulsively twitch when this was announced. Pardon? That was “Open For Business Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows .com” in case you missed it the first time. Part of me almost feels bad for going home and registering I guess this now complements the other local domain I registered the other day:

Me thinks I am going to get involved with the Chamber and help them with their marketing.

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Creative Commons Code Snippets as LinkBait

I launched a LinkBait SEO experiment today for a client, Urban Presentations Home Staging. We have created a small application called a Home Staging Price Calculator that allows people to copy-and-paste a code snippet onto their own websites. First and foremost, the application is useful to those who want to know more about the price of staging a home for real estate sales.

The little applet is published under Creative Commons with the restriction that any websites that use the calculator must do so with a link back to the Urban Presentations website. The thought being, that if Realtors use this home staging calculator, it will likely be on a page dedicated to the concept of Home Staging. And hopefully, they would pass back a bit of link love in the process. We will see if it works.

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Optimizing for Search Engines

This is more of an open pondering on my recent project, you know… the one that enables golfers to book golf course reservations from the golf course down their street, or around the world.

I am now in the midst of optimizing the site for search engines. I have submitted to Yahoo! Directory, DMOZ, Best of the Web,,, and a few others. I have been StumbledUpon and ‘slurped’ by Delicious. I have even retained an SEO rep to help me source some highly-relevant links … the white hat way.

But here is my question. I have just received a link from a legitimate site that has a PR8 ranking (It is a very well known and respectable site and the content that was created for me on this site is keyword rich). The thing is, given the very nature of the site and the products that I am offering, I am confident that I could get multiple links from this same site (let’s say… 1 per week). Each link is on its own page whereby the only external link goes to the website. So does the math for the search engines and page rank work like this:

“1 site, 1 page, PR8 rank, 1 link”


“1 site, 2-10 pages, PR8 rank for each, 2-10 links”

In other words, is 1 equal to 10? And will it help book golf tee times for those who are looking for the golf course down the street?


[EDIT: And before you comment on it… yes I know that having 10 sites, each of which has a PR8 link is better.]

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Golf Course Calendar Feeds at

It really is amazing how quickly the summer goes. Between trips to the waterslides, barbeques, and launching new web ventures, time just flies.

In July, an opportunity came up for me to acquire the domain name and build a new web business around it. It took me less than a month to pull some deals together, negotiate the purchase of the domain, and build out a fully-functioning web business. The end result can be seen over at is a prototype on two fronts:

  1. First, it is the first known example of using Calgoo Software’s In-Calendar Marketing in a live environment. In-Calendar Marketing is a new marketing medium that allows for the delivery of marketing messages right into the electronic calendars of your most passionate adopters. For, an avid golfer can select their favorite golf course and have that course’s available tee times deposited right into their calendar. In this way, they are only one click away from booking a tee time, providing us with transactional revenues with every booking. Our goal is to facilitate one booking per golf course per week (we can presently integrate with more than 1000 golf courses).
  2. Secondly, it is a prototype of my philosophy that you can quickly deploy functioning businesses that are fully self-sustaining enterprises. Will ever grow into that $10M company that people are always trying to create? Probably not. But by using marketing automation, outsourcing, and 100% profit-assured marketing tactics (without employees), it can grow enough. After all, if I can book one round of golf for 1000 courses every week, and the typical golf course pays out upwards of 10 to 15% commission for referred bookings, the returns can be substantial.

If you are interested in booking a round of golf, I invite you to use the website. If you want to chat more about my philosophy for launching web businesses like this (or if you have a quality generic domain name that you want to partner with me on developing), drop me a line.

BTW… To see how uses in-calendar marketing, watch this screencast here:

August 27, 2008 at 3:29 pm Leave a comment launches a marketing dream

I attended the official launch party for Vancouver-based tonight. Congrats to Dawn Bowles and her team for turning this dream into a reality. In their words… is about helping dreams come true and doing it in a way that helps the planet and important social causes. Instead of giving gifts that, although appreciated may not really be wanted, with DreamBank you contribute to someone’s dream. As well as helping fulfill a dream, your contribution helps spare the planet some of the nasty side effects of manufacturing and packaging unused gifts. Plus your gift automatically generates funds that are given to important social causes.

What intrigues me about this opportunity as a marketer is one that may not be self evident, but it was a driving force behind Stepcast when I was running this circa 2001. The concept of a wishlist or gift registry (which, when you distill it right down, is exactly what Dreambank is… but with a social conscience) is a marketer’s dream. If marketing is about getting a customer’s attention and getting them to raise their hand, this is what happens in the registry.

Consider a few of the most recent dreams that you see posted on Dreambank. Andrew Halt posted his dream/raised his hand and said he wants to go “heli hiking in the rockies”. I wonder what Canadian Mountain Holidays would pay to be able to contact Andrew? I assume that their marketing budget is pretty standard and that they would be willing to pay anywhere from $50 to $100 per lead. After all, they are doing search marketing for phrases like “heli hiking” [sorry… I clicked on your ad, but I’ve linked to your site, so hopefully you can forgive me]. In Andrew, the marketing effort is done. Now all they have to do is nurture the relationship over a period of months (or years) and then they will have a customer.

Then there is Rebecca Bollwitt of Miss604 who dreams of the bright lights of Vegas and BlogWorld. I wonder what they spend on their marketing budget trying to convince people to come to their conference? Do you think they want to do everything they can to help Rebecca (or her friends and family) make her dream come true?

In any case, the concept behind Dreambank is solid. I don’t know where the longterm vision holds for enabling this (if at all), but it really could become a marketer’s dream.

NB. For those interested, they prompted all of us who attended to add our own dream. I was initially going to try for something simple and realistic, but instead I opted for something more unlikely. But one can dream.

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