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Is IBM building a SPAM list using Jigsaw?

I had to share this email that I just received from IBM…


Dear John,

We are pleased to have found your business contact information on Jigsaw (, an online directory of business information. We think that your business is a valuable contributor to the technology industry, and we look forward to sharing valuable insights, information and offers with you that can help drive your business forward. There is nothing you have to do to take advantage of this opportunity. If for any reason you prefer that we not share information we think will be valuable to you and your business, you can also choose to opt out from IBM communications.

The IBM Marketing Team

You may also mail a written request to IBM at:
IBM DMC, 777 E . Wisconsin Ave., 31st Fl., Milwaukee, WI 53202


Now is it just me, or am I reading correctly that good folks at IBM Marketing have decided that a good way to build an email list is to pull it off a public directory and opt me in to more communications. I’ve read Todd Watson’s blog before, and I wonder if he would approve (Todd is the Social Media and Search Marketing Manager, IBM Software Group).

Part of me wants to think that IBM would not do such things, so I did trace the route on the link. It goes to a domain “” which is either IBM or a person involved in copyright infringement. The domain is registered to ClickMail Marketing of Foster City, California.

In any case, I wanted to post and hopefully hear back from either IBM or ClickMail clarifying their business practices.

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Personalization in Email

I just read some interesting observations by Justin Premick over at AWeber with regards to personalization and email. It made me recall a story from several years ago (as in 10+)  when I was working for a banking automation campaign that was focusing on helping banks leverage 1-to-1 marketing and CRM to focus on the most profitable customers in a bank.

This could be an urban legend, but this is how I remember it:

A junior employee at BankBoston was using mail merge software to send messages to their most 1000 most profitable customers… as in people with a very high net worth. As a placeholder on the mail merge instead of “Dear {!firstname}”, he used the placeholder of “Dear {Rich_bastard}.

And yes, he lost his job when the 1000 most valued clients received the communciation with exactly that in the personalization field.

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