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Northern Voice 2009 – Thoughts and ponderings

EDITED POST …  2-days later …

My first Northern Voice conference is about to begin. I am here thanks to DreamBank (thanks Dawn!). I haven’t been back to UBC for years, having left the campus in 1995 (degree in Enlgish and Arts History). I will attempt to live blog as I come across interesting points, or meet interesting people.

Sitting next to Benson Wong for Stewart Butterfield’s keynote address. Benson is the IT manager for Sutton Group Realty.

Interesting little ramble about identity and the web from Stewart. I have been listening to the audio book on the drive in for Gladwell’s The Tipping Point. Need to think more about the power of community and the concept of an idea “tipping”. Hmmm…

Stewart is talking about ubiquity of devices enabling community. I wonder what came first, the desire to be part of the community (and thus the use of the device), or the device itself? I hope I can learn later if this is why I am Twittering? Did I get a Twitter account because everyone else that I am aware of is starting to Twitter, or am I Twittering for my ventures ( and because there is actually utility in there somewhere. Hmmmm.

UPDATED on Sunday, 2 days after I started “live blogging” the conference.

Well I learned something about myself in the past couple of days: I absolutely suck at Live Blogging. Let’s see… I got a few points down during the opening keynote, and then failed to blog anything else for the entire day. I think this actually reminded me of my experience at UBC [dripping irony] and my classes there. At the end of every term, when I would go back and review my notes for an exam, I would have page after page of single item “notes” for an entire class. The note would read: “Important to remember about Goya’s etchings that you need to remember is that” … and that was it… Oh sure, I may have underlined the word “important”, but rarely would I have finished my thought.

I guess my learning style is what you would consider participatory. I listen, I ask questions, I engage, I synthesize. But for the life of me, I can’t multitask and write down what the presenter was saying. Oh well.  Stick to your knitting as they say. For those that wanted realtime commentary, you should have paid attention to one of the following blogs:

Hummingbird604 or Miss604.

I will offer my thoughts on the event in a separate post.

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New Ventures BC Competition – Who’s Who (Part 4)

Well it has been nearly a month since I posted part 1, part 2, and part 3 Who’s Who of the Round 1 companies for the New Ventures BC Competition. I figured that with the announcement coming soon as to who has made it down to the final 30 for Round 3, it would be good to finish the list.

As such, without further adieu, here are the remaining emerging startups who applied to the New Ventures BC Competition:

Malcolm Kendall Indel Therapeutics Inc.
Matt Ferguson Progressive Health Innovations Inc.
Matt Holme ForumTrak [behind as well]
Max Fanderl
Mehrdad Gharibnavaz Kimiatech Specialties Inc.
Michael Alexander Crown Skis Ltd.
Michael Jeffs PerformanceObjects Inc.
Michael Johnston Duo [check out their YouTube video explaining Duo and what they do here. Interesting possibility to mesh the social web with Geo-based marketing]
Michael-James Pennie goodboog Global Virtual Catalog Inc.
Montgomery Bondy Brilliant Lighting Products Inc. [here is their US Patent Application for “Energy saving extra-low voltage dimmer lighting system” … it sounds like the kind of thing that
Morgan Lam Pensito [Here is Morgan describing the Pensito concept on YouTube for his SFU business class]
Nancy Lee Personalized Genomics
nicholas goossen The Painters Edge
Nicholas Mckenzie Filmryder Technology [Nicholas… I registered…. contact me]
Nick Bouton Protagonize
Nicole Reader The Modern Mirror Inc.
Nigel Malkin Brand2hand Media Inc.
Nikki Layton Volo Innovations Inc
paddy kamen CPlates Inc.
Paul Ruskay The Chronicles of Aveon
Peter Tingling Amadeus Decision Making Software
Philip Caines Rezgo – Internet Tour Booking
Pierre Lapointe Sharing Books
Ray Walia Razor Technology Inc. —- FireTonic mobile content distribution platform [I had coffee with Ray a couple of weeks ago. Very interesting technology.]
reaz baraty reducing GHG by reducing excessive use of vehicles and gradually reducing speed of cars chased by police to full stop
Reno Gajo End-user application software creator/cloner (software tool) […I think this is GenRe Software]
Rian Bowden DailySplice
Richard Schultz 100Watt Solutions Ltd.
Richard T. White Prospero Media Group Ltd.
Richard Tennant Vanport Ecologies Inc. – VASH-ACCESS Model; Vanport Artificial Soils, Hydrogen and Advanced Carbon and Clean Energy Storage System
Riel Roussopoulos StrataXL Software Inc.
Rob Lo Ubiquitous Discussion Forum
Robert McCrea Zebra Logic Inc.
Robin Hiet-Block Vsiant
Ron Zaitsoff custom pipeline Welding Tractor with unique track suspension system
Roy Suzuki Clean electric power generating system
Ryan Rigby PeerMint – Online Peer to Peer Lending
Saxon Shuttleworth ClicVue
Sean Hodgins QCDocs Systems Inc.
Sean Simmons Map Manager
Sean Young Greendex
Shawn Burns Greenhouse Gas Management Business Solutions [this is the Carbon Credit Corp as featured here in the Vancouver Sun]
Shawn Pedersen Echoflex Solutions Inc.
Shoji Kanamori Cooling Device for HTS Industries
simon backer Wireless Image [I’m pretty sure Simon is the same Simon who was the SVP for Wireless Services for MDSI]
Sorin Pasca Beetlecrete Products [Sorin… this is a great concept and something the province needs; however, I would recommend a different product name modeled after the success of “Denim Pine” of a couple years back. If you are stuck on Beetlecrete, is still available.
Sreekant Sreedharan MyOlive Small Business Portal [my guess is you can buy the family portal for the dot com version of the domain. This would be marketing dollars well spent]
Stefan Avall UniversitySolutions
Stephen Jacura PAC RES GRU – Pacific Research Group Inc
Steven Jones Small Energy Group
Tanis Steward iSociety Networks Inc.
Thomas Steiner Etalim Inc. [I am intrigued by this company and their involvement in trying to manufacture a Stirling Engine, something I’ve read about since that infamous “IT question” first mentioned them back in the day …which of course became the Segway. The chairman is also Amos Michelsen (ex-CREO)]
Timothy Webster Genist Systems Inc.
Todd Caldecott Chakra Cola
Todd Winship Primisyn
Tom Koftinoff Portable Logging Trailer Attachment and Clean Energy Engine
Trong Hoang Innisoft – Intellegent Investment Software
Valerie Harrison Destinations Multimedia
Vladimir Savchenko SoundOfMotion
wahiba chair PortaReader [Wahiba… is still available. I would recommend you register it ASAP if this is your company or product name]
Weilin Zheng Online English Education
Will Huggett ALTEN Energy Solutions Inc. [I know these guys well, and I like what they are doing]
William Choi CB Williams Bio-Energy Group – has a Disruptive Clean Energy Catalyst Technology
William Edmondson Transphat Imports
Willy Ferstl Mechanized Shrinkage Jumbo
Zheng Tan Twicebright Lighting Ltd.

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New Ventures BC Competition – Who’s Who (Part 1)

I see that the list of qualifying companies that made it to Round 2 of the New Ventures BC Competition have been posted. It is a big list, considering that word going in was that only 100 companies were going to be chosen. But when you had 179 submissions, each of whom paid their entry fee, why not let 175 of them through to the next round.

I do find it kind of curious that they posted the list naming the company and the key contact. Even for early stage companies that want the press coverage, I know some on the list that are operating in what they thought was stealth mode. Oh well. Cat’s out of the bag now. Confidentiality be damned. I bet others (as I have) have trolled the list to see who they recognize. For those too lazy to click, here is the list of companies.

I’ve attempted to link through to their websites and make comments if I could learn anything through publicly available means. Here is part number 1 of my efforts

First Name

Last Name

Name of business or idea
Aaron Hilton CellMap
Adrian Vasiu Web-based Global marketplace with dynamic multi-language support
Ahmad Wasfi Lerna
Alan Cornford TeraTek Inc.
Alan Smith Oprius
Alan Yu Modifiable Shoes [Hey Alan… is available]
Alex Wang by BeyondMax Technologies Inc.
Alexandra Skey word of mouth marketing project ltd.
Alynn McKenzie
amber hayes Powering Adventure Travel online: with excellent profit projections
Amil Kolechstein Floatek Innovation Inc. [yikes… was still available. I registered it. Amil…contact me if you would like to facilitate a transfer]
Amin Toufaniasl Open News Network (Opennn™) [ is for sale for $900. Worth the price before you launch. It will save you more than that in future marketing costs.]
Amir Niroumand StartLabs Research Corporation [It looks like Amir is about to get his PHD in Fuel Cell Diagnostics]
Andrea Scholz Smart Nuts Technology
Andrei Iancu Sustainable Easy Computing for Anyone
Andrew Fursman CloudTel [ aka NothingNetworks ??… interesting looking technology, but all the Flash on the website makes search engines ignore you.]
Andrew Wong dScrybe Personal Financial Assistant
Angela Reid Absolute Technologies
Angela Robert Tourist Cellphone Rental: Handy Mobile Technologies
David Clark-Wilson Ultimate Gift Card (UGC)
Arif Meghji OnGuard Enterprises – PwerLoc [not sure if it is a typo, but is available]
Ben Sparrow Solar Desalination [There was a Ben Sparrow who used to work for BC Hydro… I wonder if it is the same guy…]
Beth Ringdahl Red Dot Campaign [seems noble enough, and if it causes advertisers to look more to online means where things are measurable and more accountable, than all the better]
Bill Potts Thermo Matrix (computerize distribution and managemnet of heat and cooling) [Seems like the same guy… and finally someone who is client centric rather than an engineer]
Bob Brash In-line Water System Power Generation
Boyd Cohen 3rdwhale
Bret Conkin fundfindr Media [I saw them launch at Massive Tech]
Bruce Kwan Tecagora Solutions – Photo Sharing Solution
Bruce Sharpe Singular Software
Camilo Rostoker Scalable Analytics [UBC spinoff. This one looks interesting. “Follow the money” is always a good business model.]
Carol Lange ReThink Diabetes Inc.
Chang Han Raeyco Lab Equipment Systems Management Ltd.
Chris August Electric Muscle Car Company Ltd.
Chris Naychuk Battery-Free Wireless GPS Security System for Shipping Containers
Christina Matheson PairCoach [I think I need an executive coach. Anyone?]
Craig Volker Global Cultures Inc.
Cynthia Roney PneuVation Medical Inc
Dan Ashman AC Global Systems [“he expects the company to be a major player in the rapidly growing stealth GPS automotive security tracking business—through his AC Global Systems division—and he foresees the company developing a Canadawide all-makes leasing portfolio.”
Daniel Cowx Kreofusion Inc.
Dan Parlow
David Armour Transit Alert
David Black Wall Share [That’s what I like to see “David Black owns 290+ domains” and he is developing one of his parked pages. Don’t forget to get your domain unblocked by Google]
David EU
David George SailMeter
David Gratton Project Opus Technologies
David Huer eCET – electronic Cognitive Enhancement Technologies
David Towert Taglocity

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