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New Ventures BC Competition – Who’s Who (Part 2)

When I started to provide links to the list of who’s who within the New Ventures BC competition (see Part 1), I didn’t read my first comment — that is, 175 companies made it through to the second round. That being said, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time”.

Without further ado, here is part two:

David Vogt Crowdtrust Technologies
Dawn Bowles DreamBank [I like this idea, and have met Dawn over the past couple of weeks. I will probably have a separate post about them later]
DeJon Costello “Rain Renewer” Storm Water Pollution Remover [ is not and has not been registered. Grab it now DeJon!]
Dennis Gaastra Driving School Administration & Scheduling [Is this a new company for Dennis or a new product for WebApps. Time will tell.]
Derek Dunfield PLASMID AUTOMATED ROBOTICS [Once again, I can’t confirm that it is the same guy, but there was a PHD student at UBC a couple of years ago who wrote “Crystallographic Analysis of Complex Multiphase Powder Systems: A Synthesis of Theory and Experiment”. Sounds deep.]
Dieter Blum Replacement Lamps for Streetlighting / Outdoor Lighting [Sounds like a serial entrepreneur. I found a patent attributed to a Dieter Blum of Aldergrove for a different technology]
Dobes Vandermeer Clarity Accounting: Online Accounting Software for Businesses and Professionals [Not sure if this is a new venture or a “Eureka!” discovered in the process of creating products for Habitsoft]
Duane Nelson Prosthesis product
Edward Sweet Essential Motorcycle Services
Eléonore Tremblay Anti-theft alarm system for bicycles
Erle Martz Garbage, Waste, recycle transfer system [It looks like Erle filed a patent for this in 1999… though it could be a different business. I also wonder if it is the same Erle who is the politician?]
Florence Leung PeerFX [Hey… These guys were on Dragon’s Den and raised $200k. I wonder if it is a change in direction from their old plan found here]
Francis Steiner Lets Go for Dinner [I first ran into Craig Baker my first pass through the startup world circa 2000. It is good to see that they are still going.]
Francisco La Torre World Rally Sport Media, Inc.
Gary Lee RallyAd Media Inc. [This is a sector I know quite well. I will investigate this one a little further to see where the sizzle is]
Gary Lister Inseyed Putters Ltd [Another suburban startup… and it sounds like they can help my short game]
Gary Tomlinson Omega 3 & 6 EFA extraction and Biodiesel production [Formerly/presently with Agri-Green Biodiesel, though their website does not seem to be working]
Geoff Wensel GR Building Materials Limited [Geoff was listed as the COO of Pitt Meadows’ RoofRoc. I’m not sure if it is a related venture or one in the same.]
Gordon Thiessen Heavy Tool Support Arm [As featured in the Vancouver Sun earlier in the month]
Greg Gaucher 200 MPG 2 Person Commuter Vehicle
Greg Gerrie Trinity Healthy Living Products Inc. [FluSTOP Herbal Antiviral]
Guy Steeves PerfectMIND [I mentioned Guy and PerfectMIND in an earlier post here]
Gwyn Pritchett
Haibin Wan Simplified multidimensional liquid chromatographic solution [not sure if it is part of PromoChrom or a different company that Haibin is now involved in]
Hamid Abdollahi Recon Instruments Inc.
Howard Wu Room 88

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